The revitalization and growth of the West Ashley neighborhood of Charleston, SC is underway! Along with the updated Citadel Mall and huge new developments, there is further evidence that West Ashley is the place to be, for both Charleston residents and business-owners.

West Ashley Greenway

Planned expansion and paving of the West Ashley Greenway will help residents feel more comfortable on the 8 mile walking and biking path. The path runs parallel to Highway 17 and provides great options for safe exercise, bird watching, and family fun.

west ashley greenway development charleston sc

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Once the Greenway development is completed, the path is expected to be an important bike commuter route into downtown Charleston. That will be huge for the pro-bike, anti-traffic community that is growing here.

West Ashley Circle & Surrounding Developments

West Ashley Circle – The West Ashley Circle Project is planned to help break up the growing traffic from Bees Ferry and Glenn McConnell. The circle will be located at the intersection of Bees Ferry Road and Glenn McConnell Parkway and one-quarter of the circle is already finished. The project will finish the remaining circle.

west ashley circle development charleston sc

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This circle will help the flow of traffic, especially with new developments, like Long Savannah set to begin construction.

Long Savannah – Long Savannah will be a 1,253-acre, mixed-use development. It is planned to include 4,600 homes and construction is likely to begin in 2016 or 2017. The development will be an important piece of the growing West Ashley community, especially as more young professionals and families move to their area with employment at Boeing and industries in North Charleston.

Other Developments – A variety of developments are planned, including the Grand Bees development, the Hipp property, and more apartment complexes around Bees Ferry.

The massive growth of the Charleston economy is great news for development and people wanting to move here. As more houses are built, there are more opportunities for young people to buy their first homes, businesses to blossom, and communities to grow.

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