If you live in Charleston, we’re sure you’ve been watching the amazing growth in Charleston’s Upper Peninsula. From new housing developments, new restaurants, new shops, warehouses being converted into workspace, and continued work to make the area safer — the Upper Peninsula is one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods with the best real estate for home buyers, restaurants, and businesses in the entire state of South Carolina.

Local organization Charleston Upper Peninsula Initiative is working to help promote thoughtful growth of the area. Charleston, in all its growth and expansion, is still striving to maintain the happiness and history of the residents who have built Charleston to be one of the best cities in the world.

What’s Going On On The Upper Peninsula

Over the past few years, the warehouses and industrial space in the Upper Peninsula have evolved into modern workspaces, dense housing, and retail and restaurant space. Along Meeting Street, King Street, Spring Street and every where in between, the neighborhoods are bursting at the seams.

Along with planned hotels, there are new homes, new neighborhoods and everything that comes along with that (schools, grocery stores, restaurants, shops, better transportation, etc). Upper King Street from Calhoun all the way up the neck is driving Charleston’s economic and population expansion, and if you want to be here, you better get in on the ground floor.


In Charleston, a new restaurant opens almost every week and there are a lot of new ones in the Upper Peninsula.

  • Edmund’s Oast
  • Mercantile & Mash
  • Home Team BBQ (expected to open soon)
  • Parlor Deluxe
  • The Warehouse
  • Artisan Meat Share
  • Revelry Brewing
  • and so much more…


Dense housing has been successful for the Upper Peninsula, as the restricted space is best suited for loft-style and apartment living. There are many houses in this area that are being renovated and readied for the real estate boom. Many developers are updating older style homes with energy efficient and modern style.

  • East Central Lofts
  • 930 NoMo
  • Elan Midtown
  • 1 Cool Blow

Business Development

Local businesses such as Lowcountry Local First, tech startups at 1 Half Mile North, and many more business and consulting firms are filling the organization space in the Upper Peninsula. Small business owners and companies can find the affordable, larger space that is not available in the Historic District of Charleston.

Charleston Real Estate In The Upper Peninsula

If you are interested in learning more about the real estate opportunities on the Upper Peninsula, call the Charleston real estate experts at The Block today! Get in touch with us online or call us now at (843)884-1622.

We can help you find your best options because we live and play here full time. Whether you’re looking to buy a home or condo, expand your business, find an investment opportunity, or sell in the great market, we can help you find the best fit.


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